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I'am Laura Kinnunen from Finland. I'm currently a student in the Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, where I'm studying video game graphics. I think team work skills are most important things i have learned on my time at Kajaani. Stress management, balancing work and free time are also a skills that i have learned to appreciate. 
I love contrast. I like my sauna hot and water cold. I might tear up easily but i laugh easily too, so there is balance! I am inspired by renaissance artist who were masters of many fields. Learning new things is fun!  My ambition is always to try think and see outside of the box.


My all time favorite video games are Animal Crossing and Hearthstone. Very first game i really got into as kid was Heroes of Might and Magic 2, building castles and raising Dragons was amazing! Now as adult is amazing that i can build games for others to enjoy. 😊

My portfolio and CV can be found behind this button:



My roots are deep in Kajanalands forests. Even thou i haven’t found my own art style i still keep going back to subjects from nature. Thats right now only common thing in my art. Nature and animals. I’m on a lifelong journey to find my style as artist.


Right now I have small Epson printer. With it I have started to make prints and postcards to sell in order to save for bigger printer and bigger Wacom cintiq. I Also looking for options to get my art into T-shirts.